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Applications closed

Our next recruitment drive will open in June 2016.

Are we a good match?

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Point B Destination: Greatness Expertise Opportunity Point A Start your career with Goodyear

Let us take you on our Journey of Greatness.

You will have the opportunities to:

  • Attend modular training linked with Goodyear disciplines and leadership skills.
  • Rotate through the various areas of specialisation relating to your field of study.
  • Learn about our organisation in a fun way: Tours, simulations, networking and projects, organisation exposure.
Along this journey, our graduates are developed personally, interpersonally and professionally (with some fun).

Will we be a good fit?

1.    Do you seek out opportunities to gain new knowledge and skills?

2.    Can you easily adapt to different ways of doing things?

3.    Do you collaborate with others easily and positively to achieve?

4.    Do you communicate openly and effectively, face-to-face and in writing?

5.    Can you maintain a high level of energy?

6.    Do you deliver your assignments and tasks, as you should?

7.    Do you demonstrate a ‘can-do’ spirit?

8.    Do you approach problems with curiosity and open-mindedness?

9.    Are you able to solve problems easily?

10.  Are you some-one who can take constructive feedback from others?

11.  Have you been able to challenge ‘the way things have been done’?

12.  Do you display a sense of optimism and commitment in all you do?

** If you have answered YES to the above, continue to the next ‘pit stop’ on your route.

Are you a good fit?

1.    Are you a graduate in either of the listed qualifications?

  • Engineering
    • -    Electrical (Light Current)
    • -    Mechanical
  • Supply Chain
    • -    BCom Logistics Management
    • -    BCom Supply Chain Management
    • -    BCom Economics
    • -    BCom Business Management / Business Science
  • Sales
    • -    BCom Business Management
    • -    BCom Marketing Management
           (Gauteng based / Driver's license essential)
  • Human Resources
    • -    BTech / BCom HR Management
  • Finance
    • -    BCom Accounting

2.    Are your academic results above average?

Where can you fit?

1.    We have various opportunities in the following departments:

  • Engineering
  • Quality
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Sales
  • Human Resources

** Keep in mind: You might need to relocate...

Applications closed

Our next recruitment drive will open in June 2016.

Through our Graduate in Training Programme we ensure that Goodyear secures a competitive advantage by attracting young and dynamic individuals with the correct skills into the organisation. As a result and in line with our vision, the company is committed to providing a supportive learning environment, which will ultimately ensure the success of our graduates.

Graduates are not only exposed to a prestigious international company, but will also have the privilege of learning from top professionals with specialised knowledge and skills.

Success Stories

Karen Horne (Financial Planning Manager)
Karen, you have been at Goodyear for quite some time, what has your journey been like?

I started at Goodyear South Africa in 2005 as a Graduate in Training in the Finance Department, and have been with the company ever since then.

Goodyear has provided me with many opportunities to grow in my career. I was able to grow within the Finance Department, where I am now the Financial Planning Manager for GYSA.

Growing within the Finance Department gave me many opportunities to get to know the Goodyear Business on various levels, and I would not be where I am today without having had the exposure that I did during my years within the Finance Department. I have been involved in various Local and Regional projects, which in turn gave me the opportunity to travel overseas to visit other Goodyear sites.

It also gave me the opportunity to work in teams with associates from other countries and nationalities. My journey at Goodyear has been exciting, challenging and rewarding and I can say that I am a stronger, better person for having worked here.

What advice would you give to young Graduates?

Never back down from a challenge that is presented to you, use it to grow yourself and make yourself an asset to your company. Build relationships wherever you can, a company is made up of the people in it and you need the people around you in order to build successful teams and grow your company.


Pravesh Amtha (Manager Supply Chain Benelux)

2015 marks my 11th year with Goodyear. I started with Goodyear South Africa as part of the Graduate in Training Programme. The training programme was a fun and great way to learn about the company and allowed me to understand the business from multiple viewpoints whilst building relationships that would last during the course of my career.

Goodyear is a large Global Corporation and is a key driver of innovation with a clear focus to become first with its customers and to continuously develop its associates and teams. The company actively promotes a culture where people from different countries, nationalities and functions work together to share best practices.

I originally started with the IT department but my role allowed me to work across various functions and with many associates and customers. These interactions continued to make the job interesting and a driver for further development. I was also able to get exposure to both local and regional initiatives and learn more about the company’s operations. In 2012, I moved to the EMEA regional headquarters in Brussels where I got the opportunity to work with the company President and Leadership team. This was a great experience and I was able to learn a lot more about the organisation. In April this year, I was appointed as the Supply Chain leader of our BeneLux organisation and I look forward to my new challenge.

What advice would I give?

There are many opportunities within the organisation but the key is to actively take advantage of these and use them to further develop yourself. There is also a wealth of knowledge and experience available amongst the Goodyear associates and its customers for you to learn from.


What to expect in our recruitment process

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